Sunday, 22 March 2015

Thankful for: blossom, Brighton & Bnb

Right now life is pretty dominated by work and me learning how to fit into this new shape without getting stressed unecessarily, and trying to be wise about what can wait for another day. So basically pretty much the same as last time. So I could argue there's not much point posting. But I don't think being thankful is going to harm anything!


At last at last, the sun is shining, it's light when I start work and light-ish when I finish. There are flowers everywhere and yesterday it was even warm enough to sit on the beach and have a picnic. And suddenly nothing seems so bad. Weekends are even better because it means time to be out and about during the day. 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Thankful for: glitter, trains & pink margeritas

The past few weeks have been a bit challenging: learning to deal with pressure at work, struggling to control negative thoughts that chat rubbish yet remain convincing, friends going through difficult situations, questioning beliefs (and wondering what life's all about, really), waiting waiting for winter to be over. But it will be soon, spring is in the air. And I'm not alone. Here's what's keeping me going...

In the past week I've received flowers from three different people. This is not a normal occurrence, but I'm not complaining! Maybe they sensed that I needed some beauty and colour to keep me going through stressful work times and not much chance to leave the house. I am very thankful!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Arise, shine, for your light has come

Over the past few months I've been meeting up with a couple of amazing, creative ladies from church to do a collaborative project based around the first part of the first verse of Isaiah 60.

"Arise, shine, for your light has come"

Petrina sews, Claire paints and I write, but we all ended up doing more than that, and inspiring each other and pondering upon all sorts of things. It's quite amazing how much you can get from one verse when you really spend time on it!

As well as writing, I chose some photos that to me really connected with the theme, and did some editing which was fun. Here's some of them...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Living simply, the details

The other week I talked about living more simply and creating a capsule wardrobe. I packed a load of clothes away into a suitcase at the time but over the past few weeks I've been whittling down a bit more, as I realise I can still do with less and want to make it more challenging.

At the same time I'm not being super strict or religious about it, the point isn't to make it a stressful thing!

So, if anyone happens to be interested, here's more or less what I've settled on for the next two or three months:

Monday, 9 February 2015

Mini mini break - Truro

We escaped to Truro for a 24 hour mini break, to celebrate hubby getting into uni, early Valentine's aaaaand just because we've never really done the whole stay-in-a-hotel thing. Since I work from home and our flat is pretty tiny and we hear our neighbours almost constantly through the thin walls, it definitely makes sense to get away in order to properly switch off. 

Thanks to Groupon we stayed in a much nicer place than we might otherwise have done: The Alverton Hotel, which at one point in its life was a convent for some nuns who did lots of good stuff in the city which is pretty cool. I chose Truro because it's near, easy to get to on the train, and yet different enough to Penzance. 

In the past I would have been almost against the whole idea and cost of hotels, but to be able to disappear from the world for a while, chill out together, have a bath (we haven't had one where we've lived for the past two years) and a comfortable bed (not had one of those either since being married!) I'd say it was definitely worth it! :-)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Thankful for: light and colour

The last couple of weeks have been split between London and Penzance. I'm thankful that I have a life that has often stretched beyond more than just one place. Glad I have the freedom and ability to travel (even if it is on megabuses), glad that I have people to live life with and learn from in these different places, glad for all the stories.

And for...


I went to see my friend Cecily's work which is on display as part of a collaborative show in Holborn. I've know her since she was doing a degree in painting in Brighton and she's always inspired me by her passion, dedication and hard work. Also hearing the thinking behind her pieces is really what wowed myself and a friend, and opened them up in a whole new way. At the same time, she reminded us to just ENJOY it. Thanks, Cecily :-)